1. Unique Operation --The only "Dutch-Style" cultivated mussels in North America... owner-operated by a fifth-generation Dutch mussel farmer (Theo de Koning)

2. Abundant Supply --The largest shellfish aquaculture leaseholder in the State of Maine with 160 acres of leases in pristine waters of Frenchman Bay off Bar Harbor, Maine.

3. Best Shelf Life -- Mussels are processed at sea on the boat. This saves a few days of shelf life over competitors whose mussels spend extra time in processing plants.

4. Restaurant Quality -- Good-sized mussels with good-sized meats. Graded, purged and de-bearded for the restaurant.

5. Branding Excellence -- High-end branding makes for an excellent presentation--all bags are tagged with the Hollander & de Köning Dutch-Style brand for a premium European look.

6. Sustainable Aquaculture -- A graduate of an advanced fisheries school in the Netherlands, Theo de Koning is using the most advanced technology and best practices for fisheries management as a steward of this valuable resource.